‘Carleton Hosting Champlain Conference in September’

By Kristy Strauss, Carleton Newsroom, July 9, 2013.  Posted here with the permission of University Communications.

This September, Carleton will bring together artists, world-class experts and community heritage activists to reflect on the commemoration of a significant moment in the region’s history – the 400th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain’s passage up the Ottawa River.

“It will be a critical reflection of what it meant for Aboriginal people and colonization,” says Prof. Dominique Marshall, chair of Carleton’s History Department. “We’ll do a critical examination on the consequences of it and how people are remembering it.”

Champlain in the Ottawa Valley: History and Memory of an Encounter will take place on campus Sept. 19 to 20. The conference is a collaboration between academics, First Nations and the community – focusing on Champlain’s encounter with the Algonquins, its legacy and the implications for land occupation today.

Read more: http://newsroom.carleton.ca/2013/07/09/carleton-hosting-champlain-conference-in-september/


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