Au sujet du colloque / About the Colloquium

Chaudiere Falls, Ottawa River, cc Gatou – Lucie Provencher, Flickr

Le colloque, qui se tiendra sur deux jours (sept 19-20), réunira des chercheurs, des intervenants patrimoniaux et des gestionnaires de politique culturelle. En ce 400e anniversaire du premier voyage de Champlain dans la Région de la Capitale nationale, ils réfléchiront à la place de Champlain dans la mémoire collective et aux célébrations soulignant cet anniversaire. En Savoir Plus | Contributeurs

This two-day colloquium, Sept 19-20, will bring together scholars, community heritage activists, and cultural policy makers to consider the place of Samuel de Champlain in collective memory. The 400th anniversary of Champlain’s arrival in the Ottawa-Gatineau area provides the occasion for this gathering. It will provide an opportunity to reflect on the local celebrations attending this anniversary while placing them in the context of representations of Champlain in Canadian collective consciousness more generally. As Champlain’s journey up the Ottawa (Outaouais/Kichi Sibi) River in 1613 marked an early milestone in the relationship between European and Anishinabeg or Algonquin peoples, this gathering will also problematize the use of the French explorer as a point of entry into questions of early contact between First Nations and European cultures in the Americas.

Please see our About page for more detail.

Please see our Contributors page for detail about the participants


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